Robotics & Mechatronics Laboratory

Research Topics

In our laboratory, mechanism, sensor, measurement and control are treated for developing intelligent smart system, i.e. new technologies to develop mobile robots (MOBOTs) that are friendly available for impaired persons and elderly people. Therefore, fundamental studies are widely spread in robotics, mechatronics, magnetics, kinematics, sensorics, optics, and so on. Students are intensively studying for proposing new mechanisms, sensors, and signal processings based on our original idea. International joint researches are actively promoted similarly to domestic joint researches. Workers at industry are welcomed to become students for possible extension to get high education and training so that they get doctoral degrees in the graduate school. Current topics are summarized as follows:

Now you can enjoy our demonstrations

Wheelchair with feet / Adaptation of SSMRs to the ground irregularity using sensors

Mobot with feet(Pat-app.2010-264923)

„Step-over motion(3.1MB)



Universal mobot that can change locomotion type on demand

On demand switch to move by leg-type or wheel-type(Pat.4590639)

„Sideview simulation on the flat(3MB)

„Sideview simulation on the slope(3MB)

„Leg-type locomotion by the experimental set(2MB)

„Wheel-type locomotion by the experimental set(4MB)

„Steering in the leg-type locomotion in campus building(6MB)

„From Leg-type to Wheel-type(5.6MB)

„From wheel-type to leg-type(6.4MB)

Fundamental study to develop an electric legchair for making barrier free

PEOPLER(Perpendicularly Oriented Planetary Leg Robot)

„Climbing up the stair(5.6MB)

„Climbing up and down the stairs(8MB)

Autonomous walking with full-sized PEOPLER

„Walking by steering(16MB)

„Front view of the walking(5MB)

„Side view of the walking(5MB)

Stride control to make mobility high(Pat.4304240)

„Walking toward right(7MB)


Solution to save electric power and to walk without affect of gravity

„Mechanical cancelation of the torque caused by self-weight(5MB)

Friction of the road is positively taken into consideration for handleless locomotion

Omni-directional Locomotion

„Turn of the GAIA(12MB)

„Turn of our miniature vehicle(7MB)

Dextrous Hand and Manipulation

Gripper & Three-fingered Hand

„Picking from upperside(3MB)

„Picking from downside(3MB)

„Dexterous handling by 3 fingers(8MB)

Robot in Pipe for Monitoring and Maintenance

Experimental and Practical Set

„Miniature set for simulation(9MB)

„Practical set for iron pipe in power plant(9MB)

Mechatronics Application to Industry

Automated Sorting of Objects on Conveyers

„Sorting System(10MB)

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